Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Struggle to sleep? I sure do...

Do you toss and turn at night, trying to sleep? Does your mind tick over and over, never giving you peace?
Well Wired knows how you feel. Wired is constantly thinking. That little chatty voice in it's head is never at rest. Luckily with a belly full of chamomile this little creature will send you into a nice, natural sleep in no time.

Wired is made from the softest bright orange cuddling fleece and has a wonky mismatched pair of eyes (one is quite wild due to sleep deprivation). Two tiny star buttons reprsent that starry night that you will drift off into. Lovingly stuffed with an extra squishy chubby belly and a natural chamomile filling which is a proven aromatic remedy to help you feel calm and sleepy. This scent is the gentlest of all the Feelings as chamomile is a natural sleep inducer and therefore needs to be soft on the nose.

Accidentally made to fit perfectly into your hand, you can take this uplifting creature anywhere you go.

Wired comes with a vintage tag that explains it's natural powers in case you buy this as a gift.

Wired is 4" tall.

Each Feeling comes with an adoption certificate, signed and dated.

Copyright © Penny Taylor. All Rights Reserved.

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