Sunday, 18 March 2012

A way to deal with loss...

Grief and loss are feelings that we have all experienced at points in our lives. Heartache is here to help you deal with that naturally. The aromatherapy will calm and soothe you, easing the heartache and feelings of grief.

Heartache is made from the softest lilac cuddling fleece and has a wonky mismatched pair of safety eyes. A deep red woolen cross is hand stitched where it's heart should be. Lovingly stuffed with an extra squishy chubby belly and a marjoram filling which is a proven aromatic remedy to help you deal with grief.

Accidentally made to fit perfectly into your hand, you can take this calming creature anywhere you go. No need to worry anymore.

Heartache comes with a vintage tag that explains it's natural powers in case you buy this as a gift.

Heartache is 4" tall.

Each Feeling comes with an adoption certificate, signed and dated.

Copyright © Penny Taylor. All Rights Reserved.


  1. not just accidentally the right size - it's serendipity. Your hands knew what they were doing, I think.

    1. It's quite odd really, because if you could see my original drawing/doodle, it is only about 3 cm big (I doodle quite small) so how when it was enlarge to 4" it perfectly fit a human hand - I will never know x