Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Heavy Metal Qee is nearly here...

There are only a few days before I head on up to London for the Heavy Metal Qee, meet the artists night at Forbidden Planet, 79 Shaftesbury Ave, London, WC2H 8JR.
The exhibition has been up since the 12th and will be there until the 19th, when over 20 of the artists involved will be there to sign your HMQ books (available to buy now from Fugi Me : http://www.fugi.me/product/heavy-metal-qee-book).  Every artist, including myself, has a two page spread on their custom, so bring yours to the show and get them signed.

There are some really awesome artists involved including A little Stranger, Lunartik, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Jim Freckingham, DMS, Lisa Rae Hansen, RunDMB, Fadeworks, Sneaky Raccoon, Lunabee, Hoakser, Zukaty, Fordybo, Tesselate, Flatties, Rhys Inkbotz Brown, PJ Constable, and Planet Domu.

There are photos of the exhibition at the HMQ website : http://www.heavymetalqee.com/gallery/the-display/

Don't forget to have a look at mine if you are in London and fancy a look.

This whole exhibition (book and all) has been organised and curated by Dan Perry, he has done a really spectacular job and I can't wait for Thursday!