Friday, 27 April 2012

Introducing : Focus...

An issue I have struggled with lately is being able to get motivated and stay focused with work, so I have created a study buddy to help me keep on topic.

Focus Jr is the mini version I have created of my normal Feelings range.  These little creatures stand at just 3" tall and now have not only stuffing and natural aromatherapy (citrus lemon this time) inside, but also polypropylene beads to help them stand alone and give a really satisfying bit of weight to them.

Focus is the newest addition to the Feeling family and is made from a super bright yellow fleece, with little mis matched saftey eyes.  It has a hand embroidered, orange circle on it's chubby belly to represent your inner chi/sun (I spent some time at a Buddhist temple a few years ago and got to meditate with some of the Buddhist monks there, where you focus on your inner sun to clear your mind).

Smaller tags than usual on these little dudes and with them all being individually sewn by hand, not machine, expect slight differences between each of them.  Each one is unique.

I have a batch of five made so far and will be adding these to my Big Cartel shop later on today : So keep an eye on the shop.

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  1. i will be having one of these!

  2. Thanks guys! I am hoping to get another batch (8 this time) in my shop, available 6pm english time, Friday coming (4th May) :)