Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Tea Feelings...

I have been working on these for a few weeks now and have been getting really excited about the release, So I am even more stoked that they are featured on some wonderful websites too!  Introducing my newest creation : Tea Feelings.

I have combined plush, resin and vintage teacups to create these little creatures, bathing in tea, that have similar scents to their full plush counterparts.  Each 'tea' is a mixture of clear resin, layered with natural additives like rose petals, orange slices or lavender buds and then depending on the size of the teacup, one, two or maybe even three little creatures sit inside. 
These are different from my usual work as they are collectibles and each one will be one of a kind as I treasure hunt for reject teacups that no longer belong to full sets.

The idea is that each type of 'tea' approaches a different aspect of life i.e. Tired tea has an orange scent which can help you feel more energetic and Love tea has a rose scent which makes you feel uplifted (the same as my Aromatherapy Plush).  What do you do when you have a problem? Pop the kettle on and chat it out.  These are based on a similar idea.

Those who follow my work, know how much of an over qualified tea drinker I am and these combine all the aspects that make my work 'me'.  I have attached some photos of various angles to show the tea and the Feelings in it.  These will be something I am going to produce a lot more of in the future, working on each one like a small piece of art.

Some of these will have saucers and some won't.  It depends on the treasures I am able to find, but all are unique.  Each piece comes with a vintage tag explaining the type of tea it is and what emotional issues it helps with.  The pieces will be added to my Etsy shop as they are made.  These two will be available soon, with plenty more to come.

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  1. they are soo fab, may have to have hubby get me one as a late Easter gift.

    1. Haha thank you, yes they'd make lovely Easter gifts ;) I've got the Worry one out at the mo and my whole house smells of lavender