Tuesday, 15 May 2012

And a second Mother of all Worrys...

Due to popular demand I have also created a second Mother of all Worrys.  As I said before, these will vary slightly due to being entirely handmade, cast and painted and the buttons are slightly different types, so no two will ever be identical.

Ever wondered where Worrys come from? Well now you know.

The Mother of all Worrys stands at 8" tall and has a hand cast, resin face, with hand painted details. Sewn onto the soft, grey, fleece body via tiny hand drilled holes. Made from soft, grey fleece.

This creature has a purple womb, complete with three tiny, fleece, baby Worrys, hand stitched into it. But this isn't just a womb, it doubles up as a pouch where a fully stuffed little Worry is nestled safely inside. Two long arms curl round in a protective, motherly way and are fastened on with purple button joints, meaning they can move back and forth.

This large monster is stuffed with a mixture of super soft stuffing and natural lavender aromatherapy, keeping that soothing effect that all Worrys have. The little baby (2" tall) is stuffed with the same. The mother has polypropylene beads in the bottom half too, allowing her to stand alone and adding a bit of weight.
Each piece varies slightly as all are entirely hand sewn and painted and have varying button types.

Available here : https://www.etsy.com/listing/101192595/the-mother-of-all-worrys

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  1. I am so... I love Her! just love Her!

    1. Thank you so much. These 'Mothers' are labours of love. Each one takes a long time to make from start to finish, but I am absolutley loving creating them :D