Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Freshly Caught Feelings : Fruity...

I am finally unveiling the second series of my Freshly Caught Feelings, and can share with you all that my newest Feeling is Fruity! 

These consist of beautiful jam/pickling jars each lined with artificial grass.  I hand make vintage tags that I tie around the tops, explaining which Feeling is inside the jar.  In this case, it is a new Feeling called Fruity who smells of strawberries and comes with a little bag of strawberry sweets in case it gets hungry on it's journey.  

The mini plush themselves are a mere 1.5" tall and are made of super soft, red fleece with hand embroidered eyes and hand painted yellow 'pips' (fabric paint) to make them look like mini strawberry monsters.  Each is stuffed with naturally soft stuffing and strawberry aromatherapy.  They each have a handmade, sewn in tag, that has their limited edition number on out of 40.

Hidden in amongst the 40 Fruity Feelings are 5 rare white versions that are randomly numbered, so you won't know if you have one, until you open your box.  Each piece is packaged with plenty of padding in recycled, cardboard boxes.  These will retail for £10 each and will be available in my shop in the next few weeks :


  1. These are awesome, love em'. ^___^ <3

  2. Penny, these are really lovely and the photos are great- especially the bottom one :-) xx