Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Summer Giveaway...

You've all seen the tiny Jamlings I have created over the past few years, but have you ever seen a Jamling this BIG?  You have now!

This delicious strawberry Jamling measures just over 5" tall (5 times bigger than a normal Jamling) and is up for grabs to one lucky winner in this giveaway.

To enter and be in with a chance to win you need to do the following:

1. Follow this blog

2. Head over and like my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Taylored-Curiosities/281589108552683

3. Pop to my shop and have a look about at all my items (sold and available) http://www.etsy.com/shop/tayloredcuriosities

4. Come back here and leave a comment telling me which of my creations is your favourite.

It's that simple and once you have completed the steps and commented on this blog post, you are officially entered to win.

I will randomly select a winner Sunday evening (1st July) so you have just under a week to enter and spread the word ;)


  1. ...well, I'm in love with ALL your creatures, but my favorite one is "Freshly Caught Feelings Fruity", especially the red one...and now fingers crossed, it should be really great to win the big Strawberry Jamling! :o)

    Hugs from Italy,

    P.S. I like your Facebook page with my hubby's profile, Luca Roveda


  2. Oh so hard to choose I love them all! but if I had to choose it would have to be Afraid, i love the glow in the dark eyes and think it would be lovely and calming:)

  3. It's so hard to pick just one....! Um... I definately have a soft spot for worry as he is the original feeling and I love my worry and baby set but then heartache smells amazing so I love that one too. Absolutely loving the new seedlings- soooo very cute. Can I have a favourite three? :-)

  4. I love the "Mother of All Worrys" - she is so beautiful! I also liked your page (as Marie-Noëlle Wurm) and am following your blog !! :)

  5. Yay! Thank you for a fun giveaway! I am in love with the seedlings...and I love the Mother of all Worries. And this Jamling is so adorable (as you can tell i can not possibly make up my mind :) ) I would love to win! Good luck everyone <3

    Tami www.gretelcreations.blogspot.co.uk

  6. My fav is this one which will come. Because You can make surprises. You are able to create new, and still be YOU :) What I love! I adore my feelings, and I love seedlings and tiny ones... but I believe there is a creation to come, which will make us to stop breathing! :)


  7. Oh, which one to choose
    So sweet and dear each one alone
    Special to a new friend they each will call home.
    To choose one is like choosing your favorite babe, we cannot,
    But who calls to us from the faraway sea...?
    The Merrow....."Take me!"

  8. I am getting very choked up over here. The poem and the words about what I will create in the future are just beautiful!! Thank you. You have made my heart grow a size bigger with all your wonderful words. If it wasnt for you guys, I'd be a very sad creator <3

  9. It's hard but
    I think it's the freshly caught feeling : fruity
    The strawberry sensed one it's so cute :D

    And could you tell me how to follow this blog thanks :D

  10. To follow the blog you simply click 'join site' at the right hand side where all the followers thumbnails are :) thanks for your lovely comments!

  11. Following, and I love the little seedlings! Such a cute idea. Although the Mother of all Worries is tied for me for first, as I think those are awesome!

  12. I love them all, but I think of all the feelings I have so far, I am a bit in love with Tired. It just perks me up and makes me smile :)

  13. I have always loved your little jamlings but I think your seedlings have taken the lead in my book. They are simply adorable.

  14. I really love all your creations to be honest but if I had to narrow it down I love the Feelings and also the Mothers. But.... I HAVE to mention the Oddities as I loved those so much. I remember a blue one called Azure which was extra lovely to me. :)

  15. I love them all - it's so hard to choose! I'd have to say that the Lupin Seedling and the Blackberry Jamling have stolen my heart though :) Please keep making such lovely little thingummies! They really make me smile when they wander past my newsfeed!

    Lauren xx

  16. I love the seedlings. I also love the freshly caught feelings. My daughter loves to sniff the one we have. She adores strawberries.

    Following as sacholn

  17. JaneyG

    I just have to say that I absolutely adore all of your creations. They are all so unusual and unique and the addition of aromatherapy just takes them to another level :) The ones I find the most unusual are the Mothers, I am particularly drawn to the Mother of all Tranquillity with it's patchouli essential oil. The babies sewn on the tummy are sooooo adorable and the one inside the pouch is scrumptious!! :) xxx

  18. Afraid, or mother of all tranquillity.... Although I always wonder why she is sad if she is tranquil......

  19. Hey!! I like you on facebook (olivia kirby)
    I follow your blog...oliviamcc on GFC
    And my favouritest are the seedlings! they are soooo cute, very talented :-)

  20. Breezyr05

    I love alot of them but my first favorite would have to the Worry Teas and my second favorite would have to be the Seedlings

  21. Very talented indeed, the apricot jamlings really caught my eye. A lovely idea.

  22. There are so many creations in your shop I love. I love the mother feelings, I love the worry tea, I love the Jamlings (apricot being my favorite :3), and I love the feeling jr.'s, like worry jr. and poorly jr. They're all so adorable. If I had to pick only one favorite it would be between the worry jr. or the apricot jamling, both are darling, and small to where I could carry one in my pocket as a traveling buddy. :)

    -Also on facebook: sugarcrazedduckie

  23. What a wonderful creative idea! I love them all--hard to choose just one. I suppose Seedlings caught my eye first because I enjoy sharing seeds with people. This sort of reminds me of the old Kiddle Dolls from the late 60s, early 70s--scented dolls for little girls. Your creations are better-- aromatherapy--very cool!

  24. The mother of feelings!!! I love all of them though! Fingers crossed good luck to others