Thursday, 1 December 2011

Say Goodbye to your Worries...

Do you worry? Do you think over and over things or worry about things you have to do?
Well this little creature does! Worrying like there's no tommorow.
Luckily for you, if you keep it around it will do all your worrying for you.

Worry is made from the softest grey cuddling fleece and has a wonky mismatched pair of safety eyes. Lovingly stuffed with an extra squishy chubby belly and a dried lavender filling which is a proven aromatic remedy to help you feel calmer.

Accidentally made to fit perfectly into your hand, you can take this calming creature anywhere you go. No need to worry anymore.

Worry comes with a vintage tag that explains it's natural powers in case you buy this as a gift.

Worry is 4.5" tall.

Available here :

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