Friday, 2 December 2011

Wave goodbye to a sniffly nose...

Are you feeling sniffly? Had a cold all year? Constantly blowing your nose or feeling bunged up? Well now you know how Poorly feels! With constant sinus complaints this poor creature never gets a break. Luckily Poorly smells of nose clearing menthol.

Poorly is made from the softest green cuddling fleece and has a wonky mismatched pair of safety eyes. Lovingly stuffed with an extra squishy chubby belly and a menthol filling which will clear your nose up every time you sniff it.

Accidentally made to fit perfectly into your hand, you can take this nose clearing creature anywhere you go. No need to feel poorly anymore.

Poorly comes with a vintage tag that explains its natural powers in case you buy this as a gift.

Poorly is 4" tall.

NB : If you wash Poorly his menthol will melt.

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