Monday, 3 December 2012

Lucky Yu...

Ok, I made these over the Summer as an experiment with medias and ended up sending some off to Stuffed Magazine and they will be in the next edition, but I have only just now got around to adding them to my shop. There is one of each colour ;)

"I have been experimenting with pushing the boundaries of plush and have combined paint and fabric to create Yu.
Yu is a baby fish and a symbol of luck. It is said that if you can keep a Yu well and treat it right, then it will bring you all the luck in the world!
Hand painted faces with super soft fleece bodies, stuffed with natural stuffing and accessorised with one of my handmade, original tags.
Measuring 3.5" tall and just under 3.5" wide, packaged in a clear, keep sake bag."

© Taylored Curiosities. All Rights Reserved. Not to be replicated.

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