Saturday, 1 December 2012


Today Taylored Curiosities is a whole year old! I wouldn't have survived this long in such a competitive, art industry if it wasn't for the constant support from every single one of you! Your help, feedback, wonderful comments on my work and continued support have meant so much to me.

I am honestly overwhelmed with the response you have had to my work this past year, I have taken part in some really amazing exhibitions thanks to Dan Perry and Andy Kelly and have made some utterly awesome new friends! ToyCon UK next year will be immense, although I am getting nervous/excited about that.  You all really are blooming ace and don't you ever go changing ;)

You have all day to enter the giveaway that was held in honour of having 1000 facebook fans here I will draw the winner this evening and announce that to you all.

I had two lovely illustrations in honour of today from Tobias Larner and Jon Paul Kaiser, so thank you for those chaps.

Fab Monster Embryo from Jon Paul Kaiser (above)

And another, darker Monster Embryo from Tobias (above)

I also had some delicious monster rock in the post; yummy! Thank you Sian Rees for that.  If you have any doodles, paintings, photos, anything else etc that you want to email over for the occasion then send them across to and throughout the day I will add them to my facebook page.

Thanks again to all of you for everything you do and everything you are!

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  1. Happy Bday! Just one year old and so many creations!!! Congrats!