Sunday, 17 March 2013

A Box of Memories...

As most of you know I moved house again recently and have put most of my life into storage for the time being which is proving awkward at times when I remember I need something, but was also really great as it meant I went through and sorted everything first; finding treasures I'd long forgotten.

The best thing I found was this box of memories! It's actually the box my dogs ashes were put in by the vet many years ago, it even has a brass plate on the front with his name (bit morbid I know but the box is really lovely). Inside I seem to have collected a few random things over the years including two of the tiniest Russian nesting dolls (these open up to one that's only a few mm tall), a green haired troll, a cocktail accessory that fans out into a peacock shape, a wooden croaking frog, a cocktail umbrella (I've always had a bit of an obsession with these) and a tiny pot of crystals.

A strange combination yet each one makes me smile and takes me back to a certain time and place.

What's in your memory box?


  1. Oh, lost treasures are so wonderful to find! I found a few of those too when I was cleaning out closets this week. So far I've found a three-legged Playmobil lion cub (my favourite), a little music box, a series of tiny photographs of a french village, a wind-up dog, neon plastic bracelets with glitters in them, a wand and a set of hand puppets :) The kiddo is very happy I found them too (and I must admit he owns them now) ;)

    1. That is a superb collection of forgotten treasures!! Thanks so much for sharing that with me. I can just imagine what your treasure box looks like. How exciting!!